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I have to admit, this “light week” has been good for my soul. I’ve been doing a lot more goofing around in my sketchbook and started to get a headway on some summer comics. Teaching comics will resume next week, but I’m fairly certain it will be the last run of them for the 2011-2012 school year. God willing, I’ll use the summer to recharge and start them back up again in September.


From the library last week, I picked up The Wind through the Keyhole, Stephen King’s latest foray into his Dark Tower series of novels.

Although the seven book series ended in 2004, King decided to go back and insert this short story between the fourth and fifth entries. I’m not finished with the book yet; I usually wait until I’ve completely read a book before I go on the Internet and comment about it. I’m still not going to comment much on the story, which is slight but enjoyable, an untold tale of Roland when he was a young man which wraps around a fairytale like story.

I just wanted to mention how distinctly weird this book makes me feel. It’s so strange to be revisiting these characters again, especially Roland’s ka-tet (consisting of Jake, Eddie, Susannah, and Oy). The Dark Tower series ends those characters’ stories on a pretty definitive note and I had made my peace with not seeing them appear again. To have some new material where I get to spend a little more time in Mid-World is brilliant… but like I said, it makes feel sort of… strange.

Luckily “strange” is probably an emotion King would welcome.


As a fan of the first series, I’m completely happy that PBS is currently airing Season Two of BBC’s Sherlock, the modern updating of the classic detective series.

The three episodes PBS is airing this month have long since premiered over in Britain and most people I know with interest in the show torrented and watched these episodes months ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, a riff on A Scandal in Bohemia which (like the original text) features Irene Adler, the only woman to ever best Sherlock Holmes. I expect I will enjoy the next two episodes as well… however, I wanted to bring up Sherlock for an entirely different reason.

I mentioned how much I liked the first season of Sherlock in February of 2011. For some reason or another, that post generates a TREMENDOUS amount of traffic for this blog. There are no revelatory experiences related, it’s not an amazing piece of writing… but still, people are CONSTANTLY stumbling on the blog by doing a search for “BBC Sherlock” or “Benedict Cumberbatch” or whatever.

It’s an anomaly I’ve always been curious about. Perhaps it will be replicated here?