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christmas comics calvalcade: dc universe holiday bash III

Posted in christmas comics with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on December 3, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

Today we’re going to look at DC Universe Holiday Bash III, published by DC Comics in 1999.

I’m going to break down the individual stories behind the cut.

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thrift store finds: an old church lectern, take two

Posted in thrift store finds with tags , , , , , on June 25, 2011 by Christopher Pearce

Back in April, I wrote about one of my stranger thrift store finds, an old church lectern that I happened upon.

It was a pretty awesome thing just to come across and I was looking forward to bringing it into school. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the gigantic cross on the front there was a great compliment to the rest of my classroom. I decided to make rectifying this a small project this summer. Unfortunately, when I removed the cross, I found that it has been inset deep into the wood on the front of the thing. I needed to figure out a way to cover up the cross easily.

Using a bunch of old Silver Age DC comics, I cut out a bunch of individual sections and decoupaged the front panel with them. My uncle died a few years ago and left me a massive garbage bag full of vintage comic books. Most I saved, but some were coverless or torn. I didn’t feel too badly about taking my scissors to these books… and visually, they were just what I was looking for.

Lots of gigantic sound effects and pleasingly goofy word balloons, when taken out of context. Most of these came from old issues of Legion of Super-Heroes, World’s Finest, The Brave and the Bold, and Superman, although the eagle-eyed among you might noticed I cheated a bit by including a few panels from a more modern comic. I never noticed this until I was cutting them up like so much confetti, but older superhero comics are really constricted in their storytelling- you get like nine to twelve panels on some pages! I needed to use some bigger panels to cover some areas, so I hacked up an old issue of Alpha Flight. I actually thought about putting some Todd McFarlane-era Spider-Man panels on here, but I’m glad I didn’t because the juxtaposition of classic and modern styles would have looked weird.

Anyhow, that’s what I did. It looks a little goofy and slapdash, but I think it fits me and my personal interests. I expect it will be a source of conversation in my classroom for years to come.