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not teaching comics: happy halloween from S.

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With beginning school in August and only starting to post strips in September, the comic won’t reflect Halloween for a few weeks… but I didn’t want to let the holiday pass by without posting this great drawing that S, one of my students, did in his notebook. I really love it.



I love all the little details that he threw in!

day thirty.

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The last few days have been a little downbeat, so I’m glad to end the week on a happy note.

I need to put a mention in on this one more time before November: Donors Choose is having a pledge drive whereby if they can inspire 5,000 individual donations to school projects, they will release $100,000 dollars in funds to teachers. I currently have two projects awaiting funding. Both are for additional reading resources for my classroom; one (which is SOCLOSE to being fully funded) would benefit students who are severely below high school reading levels, the other designed for nearly on-level readers.

If you have the means, please consider helping. DC will not count the amount of money you donate toward this drive, only the number of people. If you donated $5 dollars, that would count as ONE donor and put us closer to the big bucks.

day twenty nine.

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I don’t know if this is strictly about teaching, but it was so singularly strange that I couldn’t not do a comic about it. My deductive reasoning skills have constructed the following scenario: A person (most probably a man, amirite ladies?) didn’t use deodorant on the day he borrowed that laptop. Somehow S/he (most probably he) kept touching his armpits. He would then take the armpit soaked fingers and type something on the laptop, thus transferring the rank from his body to the MacBook.
Elementary, my dear Watson.

day twenty eight.

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day twenty seven.

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I’m trying not to do a lot of comics that aren’t directly for or about teaching, but I couldn’t resist. Sick days are a big part of being a teacher sometimes, both on my side… and as you’ll see in a few days, on the kids’ side as well.

chalkboard photo post #6

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Monster Chalkboard Month continues.





The mummy was my favorite from the week, considering I really didn’t feel like including him.

not teaching comics: halloween drawing

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As an change from the standard social network picture, I will occasionally draw a picture of my family and I. This is the one I did for Halloween.


day twenty six.

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It’s a toss-up as to whether ANY of my comics are successful, but leaving that aside for a second, I don’t know if THIS particular comic works.

day twenty five.

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day twenty four.

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