Teacher comics: The origins of “you’re welcome”

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I’m trying something a little different right now with these one-offs. I’m going to do my best to simply capture conversation between students and myself. No commentary, no big picture thoughts on the state of education… just chatting with students.

I’m gonna try to do at least one of these a week from here on out. Wish me luck!

Teacher Comics: Post Labor Day Update

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I hope this isn’t too downbeat a comic to post on the day when most folks are heading back to school but I’ve been looking for a way to engage with the bad and (I want to stress) the potentially good stuff about my job as an inner city teacher. It’s safe to say that my frustration last year lead me to almost abandon doing comics full-time. Consider this a tentative step toward more comic productivity.

Hobbit Beach

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Super cool pages from My Big Fat Notebook…

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I thought I’d post up a few pages of Everything You Need to Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide for everyone to look at. They look so great! You can see that they insides mimic a real notebook, right down to the lined pages.

It looks like the book is available on Amazon right now!

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The book I illustrated came in the mail yesterday!

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Around this time last year, I was finishing up drawings and doodles for a fun book project. Yesterday, I got a few copies of the finished product in the mail and they’re gorgeous. Seriously, besides being dead useful resources for middle schoolers, the design sense on these is just wonderful. I’m so proud to be associated with such a high quality product.

It was a weird experience for me to see my name on the inside cover. I’m an illustrator!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

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Notes from a professional development…

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I’m on summer vacation, officially! The very weird thing about this year is that there will probably be more comics being posted here over the next two months than normal… which is a good thing, but totally off my normal schedule.

I thought I’d share some of my notes from a recent professional development my school gave this week. In the past year, I’ve found I’m a kinesthetic learner, which is something I suppose I’ve always known but hadn’t really done any research on for myself.