Pearce Family Holiday Drawing 2016!

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By now you probably know the drill – every Christmas, I draw our family into a holiday themed picture which then gets used as the X-Mas card we send out to our friends and neighbors. Truth be told, I already had a go at The Grinch six years ago but I was never happy with how that one turned out (too much yellow!) and the previous grinchy doodle was done BEFORE we started sending these out as holiday greetings so… yeah, natural do-over.

Feel free to click here and peruse that last 7 years of holiday drawings.

Newest comic from Ohio Schools!

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Here’s my latest comic for Ohio Schools Magazine. I was SUPER excited to do a Star Trek parody as TNG has become a slight favorite of mine over the last few months.

Illustration for NCTE 2016

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I thought I’d share some illustrations I did for the National Council of Teachers of English’s annual NCTE Conference in Atlanta, GA! I was super happy to be asked to contribute some of my doodles and they came out looking really great. Some examples are behind the cut.

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Teacher Comics: A few more months.

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Answering some questions about comics…

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A few weeks ago, a teacher friend of mine asked me if I’d answer some questions for her class about drawing comics and being a working cartoonist… so I recorded a YouTube video running through my answers to those queries. Here it is!

(please be gentle, I did this in one shot and there are probably more “um’s” and “uh’s” than a guy who makes his living talking to teenagers should be uttering during a 18 minute long video)

Teacher Comics: Election 2016

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Teacher Comics: So, so, so important

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A fun conversation with my new neighbor! I ran inside VERY quickly to write this down as verbatim as I could.