Notes from a professional development…

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I’m on summer vacation, officially! The very weird thing about this year is that there will probably be more comics being posted here over the next two months than normal… which is a good thing, but totally off my normal schedule.

I thought I’d share some of my notes from a recent professional development my school gave this week. In the past year, I’ve found I’m a kinesthetic learner, which is something I suppose I’ve always known but hadn’t really done any research on for myself.




Teacher Comics: Different kinds of appreciation

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Another comic for Teacher’s Appreciation Week, kinda. I drew it back in the fall but just got around to inking it this past week.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and I drew this comic in appreciation of my son Henry’s teacher.

It’s a new comic! Hooray!

thrift store finds: aliens novelization

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So today, April 26th is apparently Alien Day; the numerical date (4-26) is a nod to LV-426, the planet where both the movies Alien and Aliens largely take place. Normally I give this kind of corporate shilling a pass; I don’t care at all about that May the Fourth Be With You/Star Wars thing. However, Aliens was bar non my favorite movie when I was growing up. I was obsessed with it.

So now for your reading pleasure, let me re-present a Thrift Store Finds post I did back in 2011 where I reread and gave commentary on the novelization of the movie Aliens. The post rated a comment from the author of the novelization himself, Alan Dean Foster!

Teachable Moments

Less a review and more a trip down memory lane, today’s (and next week’s) thrift store finds are a couple of novelizations based on and around the 1986 movie Aliens.

This week, let’s look at the novelization. Next week, the novelization of a novelization.

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Photos of My Big Fat Notebook!!!

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Hey here are a bunch of cool looking pages from Everything You Need To Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide, coming to bookstores this August by the fine folks at Workman Publishing. I did the doodles!

Teachable Moments at the Gem City Comic Con

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I thoroughly forgot to plug this! This weekend I’ll be on a panel at the Gem City Comic Con where I’ll be discussing comics, teaching, and where the two intersect in my classroom! Come on by and you’ll have the chance to hear my yammer!

Teacher Comics: You take the test, you pass the test

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Teachable Moments


My favorite moment of the entire week. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to know what second person point of view was in my life!

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