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Buy my book!

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For awhile now, I’ve been getting requests for a print version of Teachable Moments. A week that goes by without someone asking me about where they can buy a book or a comic collecting all my strips is a rare one. I’ve been a little gunshy about the prospect but… I can finally say, readers have at long last lovingly worn me down.

For the first time ever, you can purchase Teachable Moments as a two part ‘zine experience! Collectively covering a years’ worth of teaching journal comics, each book is 28 pages and is ready for purchase!

Now I know the deal – a lot of people SAY they’d be interested in XY or Z… but when the opportunity comes to buy X or Y or Z, those same people want to wait for a bargain of some kind. Well readers, wait no more because I have a bargain for you!


Teachable Moments: Semester One (Collecting all teacher journal comics from September of 2014 to December of 2014. This collection includes the comics covered by such noted media outlets as National Public Radio and CBS News – Cincinnati!)

Teachable Moments: Semester Two (Collecting all teacher journal comics from January of 2015 to May of 2015. These strips includes comics run in Ohio Schools Magazine and the run of comics about teaching Derf Backderf’s My Friend Dahmer!)

…so that’s a great bargain right? Well wait, it gets better.

If you buy now, you’ll also receive Questions from Readers, a 12 page ‘zine I created exclusively for folks who have been reading my comic on Tumblr and my WordPress blog. Occasionally I’ll ask you all if you have any questions for me and I’ll turn those into comics. I’ve collected the best of those here.

That’s three ‘zines for $10 bucks… but wait, there’s more!

I will also include a mini-doodle on the back of a business card! That’s right, a tiny little doodle… just for you! You can ask me for something small or I’ll just draw you whatever comes into my head. If your name is “Bob” you can have the one I drew in the picture up there, plus another one free of charge.

Please peruse my Etsy store for more details or send your $10 dollars directly through PayPal to I will be sending off the first batch on Monday of next week.

Teachers have it easy in the summer…

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Here’s a full size version of the comic Ohio Schools Magazine is running this month.

Teachers have it easy during summer vacation – Teachable Moments in Ohio Schools Magazine!

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Hey, I forgot to tell you all! Ohio Schools Magazine printed a brand new comic by yours truly in their Summer 2015 issue! I seriously don’t know how this slipped my mind. It’s all about how soft we teachers have it with summer vacation.

Previous to this issue, Ohio Schools had reprinted earlier material I’ve posted here on blog and my Tumblr; this is the first time I’ve created new content for them!


My copy got a little soaked in our mailbox but you can check out a hi-res version over on Ohio Education Association’s website here.

It’s coming…

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People, please get your $6 dollars ready (plus a little extra for shipping and handling).

More to come by the end of the week…

Observed while I was getting my oil changed yesterday…

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I guess you could argue I’m heavily stereotyping these two guys I observed while I was getting my oil changed but honestly, when the president is giving an address on an unspeakable tragedy… maybe reign it in just slightly for a bit.

Questions from Readers: How did you get your new teaching job?

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I thought I’d answer one of the reader questions from a few weeks back.

I should mention how frightening I find the prospect of having to know someone within a school system to even rate an interview. While I had relatively quick appointments in my last two teaching positions, I’ve come to realize that this is nowhere near the norm.

I don’t want to use the word “cronyism” because that’s not what it is exactly… but a teacher candidate has a distinct advantage if they know someone in the school district at which they’re interviewing. There are some school districts here in SW Ohio which are nigh untouchable unless you’ve got a brother or a cousin who’s already working there… and they got their job because your great aunt was a secretary for the superintendent and so on.

This happens in every profession I guess.

Teacher Comics: Summer School

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Once again, I’m teaching summer school. Here are a couple of comics from 2014 that explain the whys and wherefores of my week-long summer gig. The only thing that’s changed between then and now is… well, nothing. Not even the “I want to buy a new fence” thing in the first comic – ’14’s summer school moneys were eaten up by other expenses and the ugly fence still (barely) stands.




Teacher Comics: Summer Plans!

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I forgot to post this last week. As it stands, I’ve already checked the first two panels off my summer “to-do” list.

It was crazy to see The Rolling Stones in concert. I’ve heard all the jokes about their age and how crazy it is they’re still touring… but you know, it was a thrill. Legitimately, every song they sang was legendary and it was a trip to hear them live.

As for everything else, I’ll keep you updated.