summer journal comics: henry’s made up lyrics

A couple of new comics about my kids before I go into pre-school hibernation. I go back to my classroom VERY early compared with most other schools. I’ll be back in the swing of things before the end of August. I know, I know.

You might recognize the bin of toys from this comic a few weeks ago.

…and you WILL recognize the theme song to Animaniacs. Or art least, you should. One of the best cartoons of the 1990’s, I’ve shown the boys a couple of episodes of the show and it’s safe to say they are obsessed.

That’s fair enough, because I was obsessed with Animaniacs when I was a kid. The show’s mix of satire and classic Warner Brothers gags completely won me over. To be fair, there were a couple of less enjoyable segments in the show (I’m still not a Hip-Hippos fan) but SO many good ones.

One Response to “summer journal comics: henry’s made up lyrics”

  1. End of August? My kids start back next Monday! It seems to get earlier and earlier each year, and there’s been so many cut-backs to education, the teachers only get a few days to get their stuff together before the kids start coming in.

    Animaniacs was awesome! I, too, wasn’t a fan of the hippos sketch, but loved Pinky and the Brain, the Warners, and Good Pigeons (“As far back as I can remember…”). The one with the little girl and her dog always saving her from horrible death was good, too. I like Tiny Toons when it started, but it paled in comparison to Animaniacs. Why they didn’t get those writers to tackle the classic Warners cartoons (Bugs, Daffy, etc.) is beyond me.

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