light week

Sorry folks, this promises to be a light week of posting. We’re running right into the end of the school year; my seniors are, in fact, finished with school by the end of the week! This means I have a metric ton of grading to accomplish, including the ninth graders’ research project, all the final projects for my class and let’s not forget- final exams!

I thought I might make some headway on comics over the weekend as Ellen and I took the kids to visit their grandmother over the past weekend. On these trips, I’ve often been able to get a LOT of work done while Ellen and her mom chat and watch reality TV shows on BRAVO. This particular trip, I decided to break out of my second floor room and go to the movies. I (and all my other pasty, overweight, bearded brethren) went to see The Avengers on Saturday night. I enjoyed it very much!

I may get around to doing a couple of sketchbook posts this week; we’ll see what the future holds. Otherwise, expect new strips next week!

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