Ask me a question and I’ll answer you with a comic!

Over the life span of this blog, I will occasionally ask readers if they have any questions for me. I’ll answer questions at any time in the comments but I will occasionally open those questions up to being fodder for my comics. 

I’m making that offer again right now – Ask me any question you like in the comments… ask me about teaching. Ask me about my personal life. Ask me whatever you like and the best ones will be turned into comic strips to be posted in the upcoming weeks!



I’ve recently collected the best of the last few rounds of this in a small mini-comic you’ll be able to get your hands on in early June, if things go as planned! Ask your questions and maybe you can be included in the next volume!

6 Responses to “Ask me a question and I’ll answer you with a comic!”

  1. I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions. I’m just uber impressed with your work and I want to learn more.

    I teach teachers, both students who are looking to become teachers, and current teachers who are earning their master’s degree. What do you wish you would have known about the profession before you became a teacher?

    I’ve read Bone with my two older children and they loved the series. My daughter loves to draw and I’d like to find a graphic novel that inspires her. Any suggestions?
    Along the same lines, what inspired you to draw comics and what can I do to help my daughter if she’s interested in drawing? Oh, and do you use a program to help you with your comics?

  2. Christina Says:

    What is the most important thing teaching has taught you?

  3. phschemguy Says:

    How is teaching now different from what you thought (or were told) teaching was going to be like when you were in college?

  4. What your process of making a comic from idea to completion?

  5. Kevin Hellions Says:

    There are so many ‘Zines that I want right now but aren’t in the family budget. However, come June I have to get this one.
    Question: Some of my best friends are teachers and I know what they do over the summer (summer school, read and study up on new things that can help them for the next year, rest) but how do you try to spend your summer?

  6. Michael Blog Says:

    Do you have any concept of what you would be doing had you not become a teacher?

    *What do your parents do and did that have any influence on your becoming a teacher?

    What are some of the most common reactions people have when you tell them you’re a teacher?

    *How did your students respond to Ferguson and/or Baltimore? (I don’t know the racial make up of your students, but a lot of it is more class-based and I wonder if they felt that.)

    Would you/do you encourage people to become teachers?

    Do you know anyone who has transitioned from another profession into teaching (that you’ve seen teach) and how were they?

    Do you encourage students to teach each other, to volunteer tutor or do peer support activities – or is that too much to ask with the situations they come from? (I know you structure class activities around discussions, I just wondered if you ever saw “the teaching spark” in a student and encouraged them to use it – both to benefit themselves and other students.)

    *What are some of the sadder situations your students come from?

    *What was the funniest thing a student said this year?

    Is there anything the DOE (on the federal level) could be doing to help your school? Do you see the federal gov’t as contributing to the success of your school or just making it more difficult to teach? Or are there two sides?

    Sorry for all the questions; I like asking questions. I starred the ones I’d be most interested in seeing the answer for. Thanks.

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